Styling at Brent Cross

Thefashionfix is perfect for a new mum who never has time for herself, or if you are juggling a career, a family and running a home. Maybe you are returning to work and need some help with your wardrobe. Perhaps you are stuck in a time warp and have forgotten how good you could look.

After discussing your likes, lifestyle and wardrobe requirements, all the shops at Brent Cross are researched and the best clothes selected for you, always working within your budget.

Then we go shopping together. You do not even need to leave the changing room to get a different size.

At the end of our shopping trip you will end up with a capsule wardrobe with outfits to suit your lifestyle. You will be able to get dressed quickly and easily each morning with the knowledge that all your new clothes are stylish, fashionable and co-ordinate.